The weekend of October 1-3 2021 we went to Groede, NL to try out the FCI traditional style herding trials. Something completely new for us.
To be able to start in these trials you need to pass the NHAT, a test with a social part and a herding interest part. Rhys passed both with excellent results on Friday. Saturday we could watch other people compete.
Then on the Sunday Rhys was entered in HWT, herding working trial. It was a big group they said, 10 competitors. Even though this isn’t a style we train or I ever had seen IRL we did compete and not with bad results I must say. We got a 3rd place! A podium spot. Rhys won a huge bag of dog food and a nice price.
He now is allowed to start in IHT1. But we sure need to do some training before we can compete in this level.