My other residents 🙂



DOB: 1 Feb 2009
Tommie is a tabby neutered male who I got from the shelter when he was 7 years.
He is shy to people, probably because he has a difficult past. He doesn’t have a tail, or just a short stump. So he fits right in with the aussies. Also he has a big gap out of one ear. Chronic ear and sinus infection and smell bad… But I love him. He isn’t shy to the dogs, but he is to people.





DOB: 24 June 2018
Lilly came from an old agility student of mine. She rescued her after she found her next to a big road. She was just 4 weeks old and dry hungry. She moved to me when she was 4 months. And a little dragon, which she still is. She loves food a bit too much and has some over weight. But she is happy and that is important.






DOB: 11 August 2021
She got spayed now, after 2 oops litters.






Fleur de Lien
DOB: 21 July 2023
Fleur de Lien is a daughter from Sunny. Sunny was a naughty girl who didn’t come home for her weekly anti conception pill. Fleur de Lien is a singleton kitten.




DOB: 26 October 2023
So Sunny was naughty again. During nursing Fleur de Lien Sunny escaped and got bred, again…. This time it was a litter with 5 kittens. 3 boys and 2 girls. We did keep this cutie, and called her Lizzy.