High Plains Long Rd To Drover STDcds DNA-VP x Little Blue River’s Oyama – Oona

Wylie x Oyama

Born 17 April 2018 in Switserland
6 pups, 4 boys and 2 girls
All pups are clear for MDR1, CEA, HSF4/HC, PRA, DM, CMR1. They can be clear or carrier B12/SOD1

More info on the pups and Oyama https://www.cheroots-country.com/a-wurf


Cheroots Country Ailèn – Ariu    – black tri















Cheroots Country Alavi – Ace      – black bi















Cheroots Country Ayo – Aroon    – blue merle















Cheroots Country Ash – Ameen   – black bi

















Cheroots Country Abby – Ayu      – black tri female













Cheroots Country Alina – Ally, now Wendy     – blue merle female