Justus Coyote OTDcds AFTDc OFTDs DNA-CP HRD 1-cs  HTAD 1-cds NHAT HWT

High Plain Long Rd To Drover STDcds DNA-VP x WTCH Justus Bling It On PATDs RTDs ATD-Xds AFTDs DNA-VP

AKC, FCI and ASCA registered.DOB: 16 June 2019
Sex: Male
Height: 56 cm
Color: Red, copper and white
Eyes: Amber
Full level bite
ED: Elbows free
Eyes cleared till: February 2023
MDR1-Defect: clear
HSF4: clear
PRA: clear
CEA: clear
CMR1: clear
DM (SOD-1Gen): clear
Cobalamin malabsorption/B12: clear


Breeder: Justus Aussies, Marti Parrish, Marysville, WA, USA

About Rhys:

Rhys, pronounced as Reece, is the youngest of the pack. I got Rhys because Wylie passed. I really wanted a pup from the litter with Bling but I had no room for an other dog. But when Wylie passed I didn’t need long to know I wanted a pup from this litter. Bling, Rhys his dam, is a half sister to my Stella. And with Wylie gone it only felt right that the next pup was one of his offspring.

Rhys has got a lot biddability like both of his parents. He has been on sheep and ducks only a few times. But shows nice instinct. He has great group sense and no fear. Like his parents. I can only hope he will be as good as the both of them.
Bling has been in the stock finals several times and Wylie probably would have if he still was with me.
He shows that when working stock or just training with the clicker that he thinks about what I want from him.

Rhys is even more open and friendly then Wylie was. Rhys has to say hi to everyone. And preferably lick them in the face. Even when you are standing straight… Something we are working on.
He doesn’t get scared easily and wants to please me all the time. He can walk next to me (no leash) looking up just waiting for an assignment.

Rhys loves to cuddle and to play fetch. He is a natural in fetching toys.

Rhys has cleared his tests and is available as a stud. Send me an email with info and motivation.

Photo album:


Trial accomplishments:

May/June ASCA trials in the Netherlands *MVA*

Rhys and I competed in farm trials, stock dog arena trials and in conformation. First day was the farm trial, where he did very well in sheep and cattle, ducks not so much.
He got a first in open sheep and a first in advanced cattle. Both with a score of 117. He got both titles. AFTDc and OFTDs.

The two days of arena trials, the trials where not so busy but he got nice scores. First day in trial one a first on ducks and cattle. High cattle, high combined and high combined non WTCH. Second trial a 116 on sheep and a 105 on course F on cattle with Maarten Walter! High in trial sheep, high in trial cattle, high combined non WTCH and high in trial overall.

Second arena trial day, trial one frist place on sheep, ducks and cattle. A high sheep with 103 and high combined non WTCH. Second trial a first place on sheep and cattle. High sheep with 111,5, high cattle, high combined and high combined non WTCH!
He brought home a lot of loot!


April 2022 ASCA trials in the Netherlands

Rhys was entered in the farm trials, open sheep and ducks, advanced cattle. He qualified all runs and second place in ducks, sixth place in sheep and fifth in cattle.
We also trials two days in the open class for the arena trials. I kept him under one judge. The boy did very well. First day we ran course B, he won sheep and ducks class and a second in open cattle. This did earn him the high combined non WTCH price. The second day it was course F, much more challenging especially on the cows.  He worked very hard and it payed off. He won all 3 runs, but we where the only ones in ducks and cattle. But nevertheless he had really nice scores and also won high combined price! Even over the WTCH dogs!
And to top it off he won the high open award for the whole weekend.
Such a good hard working boy.







Year end results for the 2021 WEWASC

Rhys won the first place for the open farm trial cattle group! He got a nice ribbon in the mail and also a coupon for a free entry. He also placed in the started cattle class with a second place!


September 2021 ASCA trials in Germany

Rhys ran the first day in OFTD cattle. He has a super smooth run and won 1st place! with 120 out of 130 points.
The other days he was entered in started class. He got multiple 1st paces. Won high in trial started 2 days and got his started titles on cattle, ducks and sheep.
We will stay in started this year and train for hopefully open next year.


August 2021 AHBA the Netherlands

Rhys was entered in HRD and HTAD both level one. He was entered in 10 runs and got 9 first places! 1 second place but beaten by time. Same score. Still proud on the boy with his first trial.