Drovers Road In Controle

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FCI and ASCA registered
DOB: 09 May 2014
Sex: Male, neutered
Color: blue merle, copper and white
Eyes: brown
Full scissors bite
Eyes cleared till: July 2015
MDR1-Defect: clear
HSF4: clear
PRA: clear
CEA: clear
CMR1: not tested
DM (SOD-1Gen): clear
Cobalamin malabsorption/B12: clear


About Scout:

Scout lives in co-ownership with Mireille. They are active in agility, frisbee, tracking and used to do obedience.

Scout has the looks from his daddy and the work ethic from both parents. He always give a 110% no matter what you ask of him. He is very fast and driven. Which is ideal in the dog sports.

I did train Scout on sheep when he was younger. He showed nice work there but also with a lot of power. Sadly when I broke up with my boyfriend I also had no more own sheep. And since we don’t live close to each other anymore we stopped herding with Scout. Because there is no regular training possibility anymore.

Mireille does compete in frisbee and now and then in agility. They really have become a great team together.